Bill of Fare: Logan Inn boasts new menu & renovations

Originally published in on June 10, 2015 at 7:05 AM

Logan Inn New HopeNew owners have taken over the venerable Logan Inn in New Hope, Pa., and with new ownership comes a new menu and renovations.

Frank and Jeanne Cretella, who also own the Ryland Inn and Stone House at Stirling Ridge in New Jersey, took over the Logan about a month ago, and last week debuted the new menu; a new wine list is in the works.

Under the previous owners the menu at the circa 1727 inn was focused on fine dining. The new owners have opted to make the menu a bit more casual. “We gave it more of an old-style tavern feel,” said Jonas Koep, who is restaurant manager. Upscale options and vintage wine choices are available, with the entrees ranging from meatloaf and burgers to filet mignon and duck.

Much of the food at the Logan is now purchased from local vendors and farms, Koep said. “We source our food within a 20-mile radius. Everything that we can get locally we do, and we buy organic whenever possible.”

In the short time since taking over, the inn has been spruced up a bit with new drapes and other finishing touches. Large heaters provide warmth on cool nights for outdoor dining.

-bd1b7b5b31bf5e01We opted to dine inside, with a pleasant view of New Hope’s Main Street from our window seats. It was a Monday, so we lucked out because meatloaf, $22, is the special for Monday nights.

While most people like their own or their mom’s meatloaf, the version served at the Logan Inn is a definite contender. A generous slice of meatloaf is flavored with Parmesan cheese and accompanied by a scattering of mushrooms, then set on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes with a truly excellent brown gravy finish.

From among the appetizers we chose the soup of the day, $8, which was cream of shrimp, a velvety liquid that was warming and filling. An appetizer of burrata with oven-roasted tomatoes, $13, was richly flavored and nicely done; it will be even better when local tomatoes are available.

A roast half-chicken, $24, was exactly what you would hope for, nicely seasoned and tender, served with carrots and mashed potatoes. A little more gravy would have been appreciated.

From among the sandwiches we sampled the French dip, $18, which was a hefty roll filled with plenty of very good thinly sliced prime rib and caramelized onions. A small cup of natural juices was served alongside, making this a beef-eater’s delight.

From the dessert list we chose the fresh strawberry shortcake, $8, which was a traditional shortcake biscuit split across the middle with strawberries and cream between and on top of the layers. True to the manager’s promise, the berries were local and flavorful, making this old-fashioned dessert a winner.

Old stone inns are plentiful in Mercer and Bucks counties, each with its own character and history. The Logan is among the best, with much to offer the casual visitor to New Hope who comes for shopping or theater who is search of a nice meal.

Logan Inn
LOCATION: 10 W. Ferry St., New Hope, Pa.