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New Hope’s Logan Inn is a step back into haunted time – Blasting News

New Hope’s Logan Inn is a step back into haunted time – Blasting News

In the heart of charming New Hope, PA, along picturesque Ferry Street, stands the Logan Inn, a testament to an era long faded in the mists of time

Established as a tavern by John Wells back in 1722, this landmark property is barely a block away from the Delaware River and a few minutes walk to the famous Buck’s County Playhouse. If the old walls could speak, they would tell tales of visits from some of New Hope’s earliest residents, some of whom, it is said, never left the charming quarters of the historic building.

The Logan Inn represents the proud history of New Hope, Pennsylvania

Buck’s County’s prideful peacock, this inn stands alone as the area’s oldest continuously run establishment and one of the five oldest in the United States. It is also the only New Hope hostelry in the National Register of Historic Places. The interior boasts of the carved and delicate artistry of a bygone era, while amenities and services couldn’t be more modern. Still, over the years, some guests have whispered about close encounters of the fifth, sixth and seventh kind, namely ghosts.

Who are the ghosts that haunt the Logan Inn?

Apart from windows that throw themselves open in the middle of the night, there have been several ghosts cited, both of children and adults. One of the most lingering specters concerns a Revolutionary War soldier who is seen entering different areas of the Inn, including the bar, the dining room, and the basement. As the story goes, during that great conflict, some of the dead from one of the battles were stored in the basement of the Logan Inn until proper burial for the soldiers could be accomplished. This ghost is said to be among them, but no one knows his identity.

There are claims that the ghost of Aaron Burr still resides at the inn where it is said he visited after the fated duel with Alexander Hamilton, but the most often reported ghost is that of the mother of a former owner of the inn who lost it due to debt and whose spirit is said to haunt a family portrait outside Room #6.

The most chilling haunting is perhaps one that occurred shortly after World War II. In 1946, a palm reader named Parker Dehn was working at an annual street fair held in the parking lot of the Logan Inn when the piercing, almost unbearable screaming and weeping of a child filled the air. Many people heard the screeching, which also happened on the next day and the following year. Even though no child was ever found that could account for the sounds, the fair was never held there again.

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